Maintenance Free Gates & Fences

Measure and Fit

All our bespoke gates are made to order. To ensure that we are able to manufacture your gates to fit, please read the following instructions carefully:

  • The size of the gate opening determines the actual size of the gate. The opening is the distance between the existing or new build posts. If you specify posts, we will make allowance from your gap size for the posts.
  • The width of your gate opening should be measured at the top, middle and bottom of the opening (as above). The measurement you provide should be the minimum of these values.
  • The height you specify for your gate is from the ground to the top of the gate. We usually allow for a 50mm clearance at the bottom, except if specified differently.
  • For uneven or rising ground requiring a ground clearance of more than 30mm, rising hinges are available (maximum gradient 12°).
  • If you select a gate with an arched or inverted arc design, please specify the lowest point of the arc in the special instructions field.
  • If the gate is a single opening, you should specify the hinge placement (ie. left or right) viewed from the rear of the gate.
  • Ensure the ground and any existing structure to which the gate is be installed, is sound and suitable for application prior to ordering.